The Chipotle advanced-ordering app allows loyal customers to order, pay and skip the line. 

The Challenge

Walk-in Chipotle customers can find long lines at peak times like lunchtime, often out the door. Chipotle realized they could use their extra kitchen capacity to fill advanced orders via a mobile app thereby allowing customers to skip-the-line during busy times.

Also, providing an innovative mobile app for regular Chipotle burrito lovers would enhance Chipotle’s brand in the mobile channel.

Chipotle selected Blue Rocket as their iOS development partner tasked to work closely with Chipotle’s IT team and with Chipotle’s branding and digital agency.

The Solution

Knowing Apple iOS is the dominant platform for smartphone transactions in the market, Chipotle chose an iPhone application as a first step.

Chipotle’s mobile iPhone app was designed to give hungry customers the ability to order their meal in advance and designate a pick-up time to ensure fresh food quality. In stores, Chipotle uses a walk-up counter to deliver mobile orders allowing customers to skip the line.

Blue Rocket worked with Chipotle to make mobile ordering easy (frictionless) and repeatable with an:

The Results

After launch, the Chipotle iPhone app quickly rose to the top 20 on Apple’s App Store in downloads and became the highest-rated application amongst the top 50 apps.

Millions of downloads later, customers still order the “usual” with just a few taps of a finger and pick up their food without waiting in line at any of Chipotle’s 1400+ nationwide and international locations. The Chipotle iPhone app has become the de facto mobile ordering application in the fast-casual industry.

Download the Chipotle app here.

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