Silver Spring Networks

Silver Spring Networks

Helping utilities reduce energy demand by monitoring thermostats and giving users control of their home thermostat settings from a smartphone. 

The Challenge

Silver Spring Networks delivers software and services to major utilities across the country and connects more homes, businesses and communities than any other smart technology provider.

Silver Spring Networks offers utilities an easy to use Smart Energy Platform™ program that alleviates higher costs in addition to reducing undue drain on the power grid during peak periods of high customer demand.  As part of this program, Silver Spring Networks wanted to offer utilities the ability to monitor and adjust individual home thermostats to control energy consumption during peak demand periods yet give homeowners the ability to control and override the utility’s thermostat settings. 

The Solution

Silver Spring Networks chose Blue Rocket to design and develop a native iOS and Android mobile app for homeowners on the Smart Energy Platform™ program.  The Silver Spring Networks thermostat app was built to:

The Results

Silver Spring Networks is beta testing the iOS and Android mobile thermostat app with several utility customers across the country followed by a full rollout shortly thereafter. 



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