WebMD Pregnancy

WebMD Pregnancy

The WebMD Pregnancy app is the pioneer health and wellness app for expectant mothers. 

The Challenge

Through its own research and surveys, WebMD found a significant percentage of women using smartphones were exhibiting behaviors to seek and share information about their pregnancy and baby’s via mobile apps. After the success of the WebMD Baby iPhone app in 2012 (generating more than 700,000 downloads), WebMD was inspired to create a highly interactive iPhone app focused on a woman’s pregnancy cycle.

“With the WebMD Pregnancy app, we wanted to combine medically-focused articles with contextually relevant tools to provide a blend that’s been missing from the bevy of pregnancy apps already out there.” says Todd Zander, WebMD’s VP of Mobile and Emerging Media. WebMD selected Curious Brain to design the WebMD Pregnancy app while Blue Rocket provided the app development team with the goal of building a visually beautiful, highly interactive and functional iPhone app.

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WebMD selected Curious Brain to design the WebMD Pregnancy app while Blue Rocket provided the app development team with the goal of building a visually beautiful, highly interactive and functional iPhone app.

The Solution

The WebMD Pregnancy app was designed to offer information and customizable features that change week-by-week for each user based on her due date.

After watching a brief introduction video, users are asked to provide their due date to access updates and physician-reviewed pregnancy information for topics like nutrition, exercise, labor and delivery. In addition, tools are available to record questions to ask the doctor each visit and a tracker of symptoms throughout pregnancy, such as fatigue, headache, swollen feet, and more to share with your doctor. Another unique feature of the app is the ability to capture events and memories like sonogram photos, videos of the baby shower, and a place to enter thoughts and feelings experienced during pregnancy which can then be shared with friends on Facebook.

What separates WebMD from other worthy applications already in the App Store is the combination of extensive content (more than 600 articles, 20 videos, and 5 slide shows) and tools (kick counter, contraction tracker, etc.) Most apps of this type specialize in either content or tools – rarely both. None of them offer the breadth of doctor-approved information like this for free.

The Results

Since its release March 7, 2013 on Apple’s App Store, it has received a rating of 4.5+ stars. For such a young app in the market, a 4+ star rating is promising and demonstrates this vehicle is attracting new users on multiple screens.

Download the WebMD Pregnancy app here.

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