Zinio Newsstand

Zinio Newsstand

The first interactive digital magazine reading experience for the iPad. 

The Challenge

Zinio is the industry leader in the delivery of digital magazines; offering over 4,400 titles and 100,000 issues from around the world. One of Zinio’s key benefits is the ability for readers to pay once for a publication and then access their digital magazines across all desktop and portable platforms.

In 2009, Zinio selected Blue Rocket to create the first iPhone magazine reading experience with interactive features.

After a successful iPhone App launch, Zinio was contacted by Apple’s Steve Jobs, who shared a pre-release version of the iPad and asked Zinio to develop an iPad app in time for the announcement of the iPad to the general public.

Zinio recognized they now had an ideal device and platform for reading electronic versions of magazines. With its perfect size for handheld reading and superb image quality, a Zinio iPad app could take advantage of every square inch of the high quality, multi-touch display. But delivering an iPad application that could meet the iPad’s potential, in time for the iPad announcement in six weeks, was a huge technical challenge.

“To meet the iPad launch date, we needed to execute a multi-dimensional project in six weeks that typically would have required six months of work,” explains Rich Maggiotto, President & CEO, Zinio. “After previously working with Blue Rocket on our successful Zinio iPhone App, we were confident they could collaborate as an extension of our team to help deliver a iPad app that would exceed expectations.”

The Solution

Making full use of iPad’s multi-touch display and full-color fidelity, Blue Rocket developed an unparalleled interactive reading experience with unique added benefits.

With the Zinio App for iPad, readers can move seamlessly within each magazine page between text, interactive graphics, animated illustrations, videos and much more. Their fingertips determine the experience — enlarging photos, launching web pages from advertisements and editorial, viewing videos, how-to guides and slideshows, and instantly sharing articles with friends, family and co-workers.

Unlike most apps, which are designed for specific devices, Blue Rocket integrated the Zinio UNITY™ platform to enable iPad readers to pay once for a publication, yet access the same purchase across multiple platforms and devices like their iPhone, iPod touch or personal computer.

The Results

The Zinio Newsstand iPad app presents depth and warmth to the magazine experience that’s unattainable in print.

Readers report checking out magazines they never considered before. Photos of animals seem to leap off the page. Enlarging photos, launching web pages, viewing videos and slideshows, and instantly sharing articles with friends and co-workers became new experiences users loved.

Customers can securely purchase additional issues and subscriptions with a swipe of their fingertips and manage their subscriptions anytime and anywhere.

After launch in its first week, the Zinio Newstand iPad app quickly rose to the top spot of the ‘Free Apps’ news category in Apple’s App Store with over 2,000 top consumer magazines for purchase from around the world, including many top brands. Many publications have been specifically optimized for an interactive reading experience such as Car and Driver, Dwell, Macworld, National Geographic, Spin, Sporting News and VIVmag.

By 2011, Zinio established itself as a consistent top-grossing app, at times rising all the way to the number one position. Today, over 85% of the user ratings in Apple’s iPad store give the Zinio app 4 out of 5 stars. Zinio continues to rank in the top 50 highest-grossing apps.

Download the Zinio app here.

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