Insurance has been thrust onto the innovation stage as new technology shapes the future. Connected cars and usage based insurance are changing how insurers compete for customers, rate their risks, and save lives. The same is happening with connected homes, and the urgency to put these new capabilities to work has never been greater.

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Overcoming the Speed Challenge

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Keeping pace with the market is no small challenge for entrepreneurial teams and leaders charged with insurance innovation. Execution is hard. The line outside the IT department door is miles and months long. You wonder if the scarce developers who know how to develop leading edge consumer experiences will be available… if they've been working on the new policy admin systems for the last 9 months, they're already behind.

Sound familiar? No worries, Blue Rocket has you covered. Our team will help you create a crisp definition and execute your custom app quickly. It's what we do.

Overcoming the Differentiation Challenge

For speed, you may plan to take your Technology Service Provider's app, put your logo and colors on it, and call it good. That may have worked five years ago, but today, 9 of the top 10 automotive insurers already have a connected car app. Window dressing won't differentiate, and inconsistent user experience will stick out like an actuary at a Metallica concert. We've got your back… we help you understand your consumers' journey through vehicle and home ownership, use that insight to design a superior experience, then build it right using feeds from your TSP and others in an app that is all your own.

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“Insurance + Connected Cars”

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