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Millennials: All Mobile Apps, All The Time

Publication date: 03.25.2014

A recent report from Flurry highlighted what we at Blue Rocket believe to be important findings regarding marketing to Millennials and their high frequency app usage.

Would it surprise you to know that Millennials –– young adults age 25 to 34, also called Generation Y and Echo Boomers –– rank exponentially higher than teens for how much time they spend using various mobile apps?

Amazingly High Mobile App Usage

Actually, it turns out that 80% of this age group owns a smartphone, which is why:

  • They use more music, media, and entertainment apps, as well as sports, health, and fitness apps, about 75% more frequently than other age groups
  • They download and use lifestyle and shopping apps, plus social and photo sharing apps nearly 20% more than other generations
  • They deploy fewer games, utilities, and productivity apps, or news and magazine mobile apps
  • Millennial males spend more than 100% of their time with music, media and entertainment apps than the remainder of the population (yes, their phones are always on), while Millennial females spend 25% more time with these specific apps than older age groups.

What Do They Want in Mobile Apps?
Among the 1.5 million mobile apps available on iOS, Android and Windows platforms, Millennials want ease, convenience, and functionality, which is why they’re so hungry for music, media and entertainment apps above all else. They also want to be able to save an online article and read it later, request a car then pay for it from their smartphone, play and access all their games.

In fact, the apps that Millennials love most offer them an exceptional mobile experience to enhance the way they do things throughout the day. They want a new, unique mobile experience or service. They don’t just want an online map, a restaurant app, or a game… they want the best version of these apps that are different, better, cooler, more creative, and more personalized than anything else they’ve used before.

If you’re a big brand and can accomplish all of this, you can open new doors for Millennials with a unique mobile experience. If you’re an entrepreneur or a smaller brand trying to connect with this influential demographic, remember this: Millennials are marketing averse, so you’ll be well-served by providing a mobile solution that enhances their experience of your brand without them feeling marketed to.

Make sure to develop a unique mobile app that lets them view and share content like TripleSpot by AAA, which allows users to create a list of favorite travel spots and share their experiences with Facebook friends. Or develop something that really resonates with Millennials like the Chipotle Mobile Restaurant Ordering App that lets them order on their smartphone from a nearby Chipotle location, pay in advance, and “bust” the line to save time and hassle.

Want to find out more?
At Blue Rocket, we’ve created hundreds of mobile apps that Millennials love, like TripleSpot, Chipotle, Zinio (a Digital Publishing App), or Life Noted by Exaclair (a Daily Planner and Journal App). To find out more, contact us today.








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