Best Buy

A six-month sprint to create a versatile IoT app

The Challenge

Best Buy needed a single app to support both the smart plug and smart freezer, despite completely different feature sets—all in six short months for a holiday launch.

The Approach

We designed a single control platform, giving overlapping features a shared look and feel for effortless crossover between products. And our team of IoT experts combined agile development with proprietary methodologies for lightning-fast delivery.

The Result

The Insignia Connect app earned a flurry of 4-star reviews, put Best Buy on the IoT map, and positioned the product line for scalability—all in six months.


A mobile experience that empowers educators with a library of resources.

The Challenge

Edutopia wanted to make a vast library of resources accessible to K-12 educators through new mobile channels, but didn’t know the best way forward—so they called Blue Rocket.

The Approach

We designed a study to uncover the unmet needs of educators, then held a series of consensus-building workshops—all in service of creating a mobile experience to help teachers access the tools they really need.

The Result

Together Blue Rocket and Edutopia developed powerful mobile tools to connect educators and give them access to untapped educational resources—right at their fingertips.

Cambridge Sound Management

An elegant onboarding app for the world’s first smart sleep system.

The Challenge

Nightingale needed a user-friendly app that delivered flawless onboarding to a tech savvy market with no patience for subpar user experience.

The Approach

We designed a human-centric onboarding experience that leads users from opening the box to a fully customized product—all in under 5 minutes.

The Result

After launching at CES, Nightingale landed on Wall Street Journal’s list of best gadgets of 2017. Reviewers praised the seamless setup and the app’s customization options—a big win for Nightingale, powered by Blue Rocket.


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